Carpet Cleaning Kansas City MO

Carpet Cleaning Kansas City MO 816-668-0258Vacuuming does not really clean your carpet. Many vacuum cleaners leave as much dirt as they pick up. Many peoples carpets are stained from spilled drink and food. People who own pets often have significant amounts of pet dander that vacuums are not picking up. People who are allergic to animals can be affected by the dander left in the carpets, and those with sensitive noses can smell the animal, even if the owner thinks they have cleaned the carpet well.

The best way for a homeowner to have clean carpets is to hire a professional. Professionals are skilled and trained individuals who are capable of removing stains and really cleaning carpets. Since they do it often they are able to do it quickly and efficiently. A clean carpet can improve the quality of life for the individuals who live in the home. This relatively inexpensive service can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a home. It is something that every one should have done from time to time. Even if someones carpet does not look dirty it probably is dirty. Having a carpet cleaned professionally can lead to a decrease in allergy and a better house smell.

Many people hesitate to get their carpet cleaned professionally. They think that they can get it just as clean, but they cannot. If someone wants a clean carpet they should hire a professional to clean it for them. It will be much cleaner than they could ever make it.

What We Can Do For You

Here at Azure Carpet Cleaning, we offer a full line of services to match your carpet cleaning needs.

As we have mentioned before, Integrity is important to us, because it is important to you; and with that you will know right away what we have to offer and what you can expect from us. Azure Carpet Cleaning currently uses a 7 step process to ensure proper cleaning has been achieved. Your carpets will be dry in about 2 hours. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Prep <— This is NOT a Pre-Clean
  • Vacuum
  • Pre-Treat
  • Shampoo/Scrub
  • Rake
  • Clean Up
  • 24 Hr. Follow Up


Will Move:

1 full furniture set or a combination there-of. This is usually 1 sofa, 1 love seat, and 1 chair. Any other furniture beyond that will inccur an addition services charge.
Small end-tables/night-stands are acceptable assuming there are no elctronics or breakables on them. If there are items on there but you still want them moved, a pre-clean service charge will be applied per room.
Dining room chairs, office chairs, and some rockers.
Sectional/L-couches as long as they are not clipped together.

Will NOT Move:

Beds, Dressers, Desks, Bookcases, Armoires, China Cabinets, Entertainment Systems, and Anything with Electronics.